Rydal Cave

From our recent trip to the Lake District. After visiting Rydal Hall and Rydal Water we trekked on up the hillside to reach the cave, shot some photos with the film and digital cameras then bagged a nearby geocache.

If you like it then feel free to download a wallpaper version.

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The Grotto

During our recent trip to the Lake District we parked up near Rydal Hall and explored the waterfalls there before heading over to Rydal Water and Cathedral Cave.

The Grotto pictured is near the gardens on the lower stretch of the waterfalls.

Olympus OMD E-M10

Some quick shots of the latest addition to our growing collection of cameras. A few underused lenses have gone to make space, of which the super-wide angle will be missed, but this new camera and lens will see far more use.